Code of Conduct - Parents/Carers

We are fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all students, members and staff associated with us.  To ensure the effective running of our business and to protect all individuals connected with us, it is important that the following Code of Conduct is read, respected and adhered to at all times:


·      Encourage your child to learn the rules and perform within them.

·      Arrive with plenty of time to get your child ready for their class and ensure that they have been to the toilet before the session begins.

·      Always inform the teacher if you are going to be late.

·      Always ensure that your child is dressed appropriately/wears the uniform (with hair in a bun) and make sure that they have something to drink.

·      No parent/guardian will be allowed in to the hall/studio during classes.

·      Discourage challenging and inappropriate conduct towards teachers and other students.

·      Help your child to recognise good performance and progression.

·      Be realistic with regard to their ability and do not set expectations too high - It can be very damaging for children if they feel they are falling short of their parents’ expectations.

·      Discourage comparisons against other students - each student is an individual with different goals and objectives and they must be praised on their own personal achievement.

·      Never force your child to take part - children must participate in dancing for their own pleasure and enjoyment not their parents’.

·      Set a good example within the student environment by recognising good sportsmanship and applauding good performances of all.

·      Never punish or belittle a child for poor performance or making mistakes. It is through mistakes that performers learn and develop as a student.

·      Use correct and proper language at all times.

·      Encourage and guide your child to accept responsibility for their own performance and behaviour.

·      Keep the teacher informed if your child is ill or unable to attend classes.

·      Endeavour to establish good communications with teachers and staff for the benefit of all.

·      Never challenge or threaten a teacher or member of the team. Any concerns must follow the approved channels, as outlined in the Complaints Procedure.

·      Do not raise issues of disagreement publicly.

·      Always collect your child promptly at the end of a class.

·      All fees must be paid on time, otherwise your child may risk losing their place in the class.

·      Always support your child's involvement and help them to enjoy their sport.  

·      Please understand that a breach of this Code of Conduct may have repercussions and, in extreme cases, may result in your child/children losing their place/s.


You can contact us in case of an emergency on 07709494644 or

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