Code of Conduct - Students

We are fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all students, members and staff associated with us.  To ensure the effective running of our business and to protect all individuals connected with us, it is important that the following Code of Conduct is read, respected and adhered to at all times:


·       Students must participate within the rules and respect all the teachers/staff and their decisions.

·       Students must respect their fellow students.

·       Students must arrive for classes on time or inform the teacher if they are going to be late.

·       Students must not distract, bully or harass other students during the class.

·       Students must not use bad language.

·       Students must be polite and display good manners at all times.

·       Students must treat all equipment with respect.

·       Students must wear their uniform/appropriate clothing for classes.

·       All body jewellery must be removed and long hair must be in a bun.

·       Food, drink and chewing gum are strictly prohibited in the studios.  However, students may bring in a sealed drinking bottle, but this must only contain water and have the student’s name on).

·       All litter must be placed in the bins provided.

·       Please leave all valuables at home as we will not be held responsible for the loss of any items.

·       Mobile phones and other electronic devices must be switched off during classes.

·       Students must inform the teacher (before the warm up begins) if they have an injury or illness.

·       Students must inform the teacher immediately if they begin to feel ill or sustain an injury during the class.

·      Finally, we would love it if all students enter the class with a smile and have fun!!! 



You can contact us in case of an emergency on 07709494644


If you wish to contact us outside of lesson times, please e-mail



Disciplinary Procedure


·       Students that breach this Code of Conduct will first of all be reminded of the rules.


·       Repeatedly breaching this Code of Conduct may result in separation from other students (i.e. the student will be made to sit out).


·      Continuous breach of this Code of Conduct will result in Amanda Isard and the parents being informed at the end of the class by the teacher.


·      If there is no improvement, then parents will be contacted again by the teacher and they will be invited to discuss the future behaviour of their child and agree joint strategies for monitoring. 


·       In extreme cases, where physical violence, verbal abuse or intentional damage to property is involved, the sequence of actions outlined above will be by-passed and the teacher will contact the parents as a first step. Exclusion of the child from classes may be considered.


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